The music industry has changed. Digital distribution, music promotion and sharing platforms have caused a complete re-thinking of how music works—new ways to listen, new ways to create, new ways to share.

Promote Your Music and Get Your Song on iTunes

Once you have found out how to get your song on iTunes, you will need to start promoting your music. Music promotion will help to bring fans to the music retail sites that sell your music. Without knowing where to find and download your music, fans will not be able to purchase your songs. Below are ways that Lifeworld Media helps to promote your songs.

iTunes Ping

Lifeworld Media members who distribute their tracks and albums to music retailers such as iTunes automatically become eligible to be a Ping artist. iTunes Ping is an opportunity to promote your music through a social network of iTunes consumers. Ping users are able to follow their favorite artists, friends and track updates. This service integrates your music further into iTunes and gives consumers another place to find your tracks.


By signing up with Lifeworld Media, we will not only teach you how to get your song on iTunes, but you will also be able to add your music to our radio portion of the site. Similar to other music streaming music sites, Lifeworld Media radio allows users to discover new music by genre and artist. As listeners begin to use the radio they are introduced to a multitude of Lifeworld Media artists and bands.  Meaning listeners are more likely to hear your music. As they listen they are also able to share through various social media sites and comment on their thoughts of the song.

Online and Social Media

After you have discovered how to get your song on iTunes, link your various artist pages on the music retail sites, such as iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, AmazonMP3 and others, to your band or artist websites and social media pages. This will give quick access to your music and allow your fans to purchase your music easily. Each time you release a new song you will be able to announce it and link to it through your other online profiles.

As a band or artist that partners with Lifeworld Media you are not only able to learn how to get your song on iTunes but also given promotional tools to make sure you are successful. register with Lifeworld Media today and start selling your music.



A Great Choice For Music Distribution

While not the only music distribution service on the internet, Lifeworld Media is streamlined and affordable, so artists and labels can easily release their albums and singles to the world’s largest online music services. Lifeworld Media has worked with everyone from iTunes and Spotify to Amazon and Napster, so we know what it takes to distribute your music alongside some of today’s most popular artists. What’s more, Lifeworld Media will ensure that your payment accounting is timely and accurate, and that you get to keep 100% of all royalties received from the music services.

Instead of burdening you with long term contracts and hidden fees, Lifeworld Media makes sure that you can focus entirely on music distribution and get your song on iTunes. While other companies might only be interested in their own success, if you sign up with Lifeworld Media, we promise that our services will not only provide you with helpful guidance, but will also allow you to sell your music online knowing that the entire music distribution process is being covered from A to Z.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Sell Your Music Today!

If you have ever wondered how to get your song on iTunes and all other major music distribution services or how to promote your music online, there is no need to continue your search. Lifeworld Media makes music distribution easy, with a step-by-step process that any artist can master. Stop hesitating and wondering – setup your account today and start submitting your albums to the world’s most popular online music services. Before you know it, you can sell your music online and begin collecting royalties along with thousands of other artists and labels that use Lifeworld Media each and every day!



How Do I Sell Music Online?

So, you’re an artist who is ready to make the next big step when it comes to music: online selling. You might be asking yourself, “How do I sell my music online? What’s the best way to sell my music online? Will I be able to keep my original artist’s rights?” We understand that the process of selling your music online might seem daunting, but with Lifeworld Media, we’re here to take care of everything from start to finish. In many cases, the best way to sell your music online is to work with an online music distributor who submits your music to major digital music retailers. As a downside, though, several of our competitors require long-term contracts or hefty fees in order to have your music submitted to these networks.

Lifeworld Media, on the other hand, provides you with a hassle-free and straightforward way of selling your music online – plus, you get to preserve your rights as an artist, as well as keep 100% of the royalties you earn from your songs. With us, you don’t have to worry about selling your music online. Instead, all you need to do is create an account with us. In this account, you will enter your artist information, as well as the information for your tracks and also upload your album cover (keep in mind that the album cover needs to be at least 3000 x 3000 pixels in dimension, in RGB Color Mode, and in a JPG, GIF or PNG file type).

Once all of your information is received, you’re ready to upload your music! All of the tracks for your album will need to be uploaded onto our secure servers, which will allow us to convert them into the different formats required by the digital music providers. Since each retailer has different formatting standards, we’ll take care of the converting for you – all you need to do is upload your music one time and we do the rest.

After you’ve submitted your tracks, you’ll be able to start using key features such as iTunes Trending Reports, your own Ping Artist Account, and launch your free public store front/profile, and much more. Within a couple of days you’ll start to see your album appearing on major music retailers like iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play & Spotify. As you can see, the process is straightforward, and the returns could be big: you get to keep 100% of your royalties when you distribute your music with Lifeworld Media. What more could you ask for?



  •  Tired of looking up a million email addresses? Sick of sending your music to blogs and labels, but never hearing back? Good news! Lifeworld Media solves all your problems. On top of that, it rewards bloggers and labels for putting in the time to listen to your music.

We send to:

  • Services like Amazon, Itunes, Songcast, cdbaby,  Spotify and Apple Music actively monitor music blogs to source content for their playlists
  • You can gain exposure to new listeners and industry professionals
  • Having your music written about in a publication will organically boost your online presence (Google), and maybe even give a nice jump to your play count
  • Get help distributing, publishing and/or licensing your new music globally, or in a specific country
  • Receive feedback from industry professionals
  • Find artists to remix, get your own song remixed, or collaborate with musicians/vocalists
  • Artist management, counseling and development

Who created this?

Lifeworld Media is a service started by Oghenekaro Ogbovoh a Nigeria Gospel Minister, motivational speaker and song writer. The goal of the website is to centralize the disorganized process of submitting to music blogs. We’re here to help curators and artists connect. It’s up to them to take it from there 🙂

Questions? Email


In order to get your song/songs posted and promoted on this site or any of our platforms, make sure you go through the following guidelines:
1. Make sure your song is on mp3 format and it is properly mixed/mastered with good lyrical content(MAX 8mb: in a case where it is Above 8mb or it is in video format, you can send a link to the song).

2. Send the song as an attachment to our email:

using the following format:



*SONG ART(MANDATORY)- Note that your Song Art Must Be up to standard, also it is a Pre-requisite for your Song to be Featured on any of our platforms, In other words, Good Songs must be backed-up with good Song art in other to be featured


(Reccomended: 300 words or above )


*GSM NUMBER (This is for us to be able to contact you easily and will not be published unless the artiste wants it public)

NOTE:above all make sure your song is a gospel song as we would not accept any song that is not gospel.

*For free single package, any song with no activity for up to a month and above based on our Statistics, will be removed from our database, so artistes going for free packages are advised to kindly  ensure that their links are well promoted or advertised by them to avoid removal, as lifeworldmedia is fully responsible for advertising/ promoting the monetized packages

*Songs should be Sent by artistes in person to ensure we are not violating the copyright/intellectual property act

You can add us on whatsapp with +2348030972106 or call us to confirm if we have seen your mail

If your song is a premiere, endeavour to contact us at least one week before the premiere date.

  • If it is an album promotion, contact us on whatsapp (+234 8030972106) to know the promotion procedures involved
  • All Songs are Screened thoroughly by our media experts to ensure upload of quality Contents in order to keep our reputation alive, therefore artistes should kindly exercise patience as this process will take some time. Meanwhile if an artiste need urgent service, he/she may have to pay a processing fee of #5,000 (Nigerians Only) only on the condition that (1) above is satisfied




NOTE: By sending your song to our e-mail for promotion, you are permitting lifeworldmedia to use whatever method they wish to, in order to achieve an effective Promotion for your song. Some of the methods includes: Teaching Choirs ( or bands) your Song to be presented in Christian Gatherings, Miming of the Song, Dance dramas etc                                                                       DISCLAIMER: LIFEWORLD MEDIA Is a free promotion platform that can be accessed by anyone Worldwide    All songs sent to us are believed to be rightfully owned by the sender. Therefore LIFEWORLD is not responsible for breaking of any Intellectual property or Copyright law of any kind provided that the song in view has been sent as attachment to our mail. PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT US if u notice any fault with our publication

LIKE OUR PAGE AND SHARE ( AND FOLLOW US ON THIS BLOG ( If your song must be considered)





Lifeworld Media delivers music to more retailers and offers more opportunities than any other distributor, and unlike other distribution services, we’ll never charge an annual fee.


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