An Online Store

Lifeworld Media can help you create an online store or upload your products on Jumia. Jumia-Logo-825x550

Creating an online store is another way to make money with Jumia affiliate. Once you have a fully functional online store, we go over to Jumia and add the products pictures you’ll like to showcase on your store and include your affiliate links for them to check out with.

Your customers will be redirected to checkout on Jumia once they click the product on your website. The good part is you could also sell your personal products you have on Jumia and make double money once they buy it through your affiliate link.

These are the tested and proven ways to make money with Jumia. Don’t go about posting links on facebook hoping someone will click your link and buy on Jumia.

Well, if you are devoted to doing that you could as well make your first 1k after 10years of sharing links on social media…lol😊!

 Selling Your Personal Products 

Selling your personal hand-made products is another way to make money with Jumia. Jumia virtually sells everything these days.

So whatever it is you have, giving it an online presence with the help of of us through jumia is another sure-fire way to make money from it.

With this kind of traffic, there’s no way your product won’t be exposed to the larger market for free. Luckily for you, if your product is unique, you’ll enjoy less competition leading to a much bigger income.

For example, a friend of mine sells a branded “Ponmo” (Cowhides) with the brand name “delicacy plus”. The brand and the package he gave the product made it stand out and unique. Using jumia is going to be a plus bonus for him and all these works on autopilot.

That is, even while he’s sleeping he can still make money.


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