Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria  Instant Delivery Guaranteed. We provide affordable & most reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria. Bulk-SMS-Service-In-Delhi-Gurgaon-Mumbai-Bangalore-Noida-DelhiNCR-India-NON-DND-NON-DND-+-ID-NON-DND-+-DND-DND

Bulk SMS Service has become a significant marketing and campaign tool to promote business as it creates awareness about a brand and also helps in reaching a large potential market i.e a reasonable number of clients within a short period.
Our Bulk SMS  Service will help you to achieve your advertising plan and strategy, increases your client retention and ensure a better client and staff relationship with your organization.

Bulk SMS Service at Lifeworld Media is highly dependable as the network coverage is sound and wide and disseminate to the whole country at large.
Using our bulk sms service will help you Stay connected with clients in this fast moving period of modern day at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

Due to the effectiveness and affordability, most companies have adopted the use of our Bulk SMS Service as a campaign tool to promote\market their products or services.
We provide effective, outstanding and reliable bulk SMS service which ensure immediate and timely delivery of bulk SMS messages at the cheapest rates.

Our SMS Service can be used for a wide range of activities such as;

Introduction of new business

Awareness of latest stocks

Opening of new outlets



News update etc.

However, sending bulk SMS messages call for the sender to use a much more familiar name that will ring bell immediately your recipient open your text message. This name will be entered in the SENDER I.D COLUMN which will be seen immediately you click on COMPOSE SMS tab.
Your sender ID might be the name of your website, business, church, organization, institution etc depends on the name you want your recipients to identify you with but make sure that the name is not more than eleven characters or instead you can make use of the abbreviations provided you have a longer identification name.


Check Our Pricing Details below:

SMS QUANTITY RANGE                               PRICE PER SMS

500 – 2,999 N3.50kobo
3,000 – 999,999  N2.50kobo
1,000,000 – 4,999,999 N2.00kobo


Please note that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not Joomla friendly. Therefore, make sure that you type both recipients’ numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box.

Also, note that your RECIPIENT NUMBERS must be separated with the use of comma(,) to ensure perfect delivery.

However, the USE OF GSM NUMBER as sender I.D is highly prohibited.


You can make your payments into the account details below:


Account Number 1016198215

Account Name


 Lifeworld Media Studio


Bank Name

Zenith bank




1) Cash deposit

2) Internet Banking Transfer

4) ATM Transfer

5) Mobile Tran



We discover that GLO Network is blocking messages that contain GSM number in its content. In case you have to add GSM number to the content of your message, we advise you to enter it this way in your message content to avoid having GLO delivery problem i.e 081-7726-2696 and the message will be delivered to all your recipients.